Jan 4 Event Ticket - Respira Breathe to Recharge
Jan 4 Event Ticket - Respira Breathe to Recharge
Jan 4 Event Ticket - Respira Breathe to Recharge
Jan 4 Event Ticket - Respira Breathe to Recharge

Jan 4 Event Ticket - Respira Breathe to Recharge

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RIL CREED & Respira present: Breathe to Recharge with us and support Exchange and Empower!

When: Sat 4 Jan, 11:00am-12:00nn 

Cost: 200 HKD (10% of the ticket sales will go to Exchange and Empower).

What is it all about?

We breathe around 23,000 times per day. The way we breathe shapes the way we live on every level: our immune, nervous and endocrine systems, our mental and emotional state; our general wellbeing and longevity.

Join us for the morning class before going to work and learn easy and powerful techniques to reduce stress, achieve deep relaxation and mental clarity and much more. You will walk away with the practical tools you can use anytime and anywhere.

About the coach:

Aigul Safiullina is a certified breathwork coach, graduated from International Centre of Conscious Breathing Studying and Practicing, part of Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GBPA).

She started practicing conscious breathwork to enhance her trail running performance and to find a balance between her work and personal life. Combining the deep relaxation techniques with the powerful methods used by the Russian Opera singers and cosmonauts, Aigul has designed a unique and accessible set of exercises that can be used by anyone in their daily lives.


I thought I was bad at breathing (!) but after taking my first class with Aigul this morning I learned new things about myself and enjoyed the experience from the very start. The exercises were simple and effective and Aigul is a calm and open teacher - who knew breathing could be this fun?
Thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from Aigul's "Mastering Your Breath" morning workshop, which was informative and practical. We learned and practised various breathing techniques for relaxation as well as increasing energy and alertness, and Aigul led the session in a really engaging, fun way.
I feel extremely grateful for having the chance to experiment breathwork with Aigul. She is very professional, well prepared, enthusiastic, trustworthy, thoughtful, considerate. Aigul teaches with her heart, fully aware, she is always looking for ways to improve, to understand better, to grow and push back limits. I would never expect such power of breathing. I learnt how to calm down, be more peaceful, gift myself a break, and become more available. A powerful mind and body connexion tool.